Question 77:

How can I recover the files in the user directory if an installation is damaged?


For each user of an installation of BL Banking there is a directory under workspace/keys, for example for the user Max it is C:\blbanking\keys\Max. Besides the license file there are four more files for each set up bank in this directory, <N>.htd, <N>.keybag, <N>.pdf and <N>.properties, whereby here <N> means the internal number of the bank. The bank, which was set up first, has the number 0 (zero), the second the number 1 (one), etc.

To determine in the case of an error, which internal number belongs to which bank, you can open the .htd-files with a text editor. Inside you can see the name of the bank in one of the lines at the top as follows: <Name>name of the bank</Name>.

You can also determine internal number of the bank by another way. In the BL Banking program display the overview Bank connections, then open the context menu with a right mouse click and select Display INI letter. Then the initialization letter is displayed, whereby the name of the file with the number is shown in the title bar, for example 0.pdf, 1.pdf, etc. See also chapter General - First initialization - Initialization letter.

Now you can restore missing or damaged files from a backup. Hereby you have to make sure that the numbers of the four files match with the corresponding bank.