Question 60:

How can I run BL Banking in another language?


BL Banking is available in German, English, and French. By default, the program runs in the language of the operating system on your computer. The following describes how to set the language for the supported operating systems.


Please change the shortcut to the program file. Do so by right-clicking on the shortcut in your start menu or on the desktop and select Properties from the context menu. Then append the parameter -nl <language> at the end of the Target entry field, where <language> must be replaced with de, en, or fr, e.g. "C:\blbanking\BL Banking.exe" -nl de.

Mac OS

In the file eclipse.ini insert the line -Duser.language=de below -vmargs. This file is located in the application folder BL under Contents/MacOS. See FAQ 154 if you don't find the file there.

Note: This method also works for Windows and Linux. For MacOS also see FAQ 19.


Create a start script with the line /path/to/program/"BL Banking" -nl <LANGUAGE> and execute the program via this script. Thereby <LANGUAGE> must be replaced with de, en, or fr.