Question 34:

How can I put the application data separate from the program files?


As described in chapter General - Installation - Destination directory the directory for BL Banking was specified during the installation.

By default the application data are stored in the workspace subdirectory below the program directory. However, depending on the installation scenario it might be necessary to put the application data separate from the program files. See chapter General - Installation - Installation scenarios.

After a successful installation you can move the application data to a different directory. The user must have write permissions on this directory. Then there are two ways to start BL Banking with the new location of the application data directory (the workspace directory): Either you use the file BL Banking.ini within BL Banking's program directory, or you start the program per shortcut using the -data parameter.

Note: For finding or creating the file BL Banking.ini, see FAQ 154.

For the first option you would add a new line at the end of file BL Banking.ini by using a text editor:

-Dosgi.instance.area=<file path to the new workspace>



Instead of specifying the file path as a fixed path you can also use the variable @user.home, which points to the home directory of the logged on user. Example:


The second approach to point the program to use the new workspace directory, you would create a shortcut to the program and add the parameter:

-data <file path to the new workspace>


"C:\blbanking\BL Banking.exe" -data D:\data\blbanking\workspace
"C:\Program Files\BL Banking\BL Banking.exe" -data C:\ProgramData\BL Banking\workspace
"\\server\share\blbanking\BL Banking.exe" -data \\server\usershare\blbanking\workspace

Besides the program files and the application data there is also a temporary directory. Also here it might be necessary depending on the installation scenario to move this directory. See FAQ 111.

See FAQ 154 if you cannot find a BL Banking.ini.