Question 233:

Is it possible to access a network installation via a VPN?


Yes, it is possible to access a network installation of BL Banking via a VPN (virtual private network). This is necessary if you work from your home office or practice any other kind of telework.

Usually, in a network installation, the complete application including program and data is located on a network drive. In such a case, the program would start very slowly via a VPN connection. Therefore is is recommendable to install the programm locally and only access the data via the VPN.

It is important that the locally installed program and the network installation have the same version. This can be achieved easily by copying the program directory without the subdirectory workspace from the network drive to the local computer.

After that create a text file in the local program directory with the name BL Banking.ini and the following content.


In this example X:\blbanking\workspace is the path to the workspace directory on the network drive. You can find other ways to specify this in the FAQs 34 and 55.

If you have setup the program like this, it will start locally and accesses the data via the VPN. Tests with a connection of 50/10kbps have shown that it takes 3 to 5 seconds to retrieve an account statement of 100KByte size. Given that such big statements are unusual, you can work sufficiently fast with this setup.