Question 212:

How to install or update BL Banking unattended?


You can start the installation program with parameters using the command line. To do this, first download the setup file, open the command window and enter the following command.

blbanking_windows64_1_10_88.exe -q

In this example for Windows, the existing installation is updated to version 1.10.88. To ensure that you are installing to a specific directory, you must also specify the -dir parameter.

blbanking_windows64_1_10_88.exe -q -dir "C:\Program Files\blbanking"

You can also specify a relative path. You might need to run the command with administrator rights to have write permissions to the desired directory.

However, under Windows, a shortcust on the desktop and a program group in the start menu are created. If this is not desired, you need to create a text file with the following content


and specify it with the parameter -varfile in the command.

blbanking_windows64_1_10_88.exe -q -dir "C:\Program Files\blbanking" -varfile vars.txt

A complete description of all possible parameters can be found on the website of Install4j, which is the software used to install BL Banking.