Question 15:

What can I do, if BL Banking doesn't start anymore?


The reason for this might be that files were damaged or deleted after an interrupted software update or a program crash.

First please try the following simple repair.

In the installation directory of BL Banking there is a folder named configuration. Please close the program and delete all subdirectories in this folder, however not the file config.ini. When you then restart the program, the deleted subdirectories will be restored.

If thereby the problem is not solved, you need to reinstall BL Banking.

  1. In the installation directory delete everything except of the directory workspace. Remark: From version 1.9.24 this is not necessary anymore.
  2. Download the installation program (Windows, MacOS) and install BL Banking into the previous installation directory.

When you then start BL Banking, the first initialization wizard will not start, as it would in a new installation. Instead the program is in the same state as before with all data and bank connections.

If you like to install the program into a new directory instead, please proceed as follows:

  1. Run the installation program and specify a new installation directory.
  2. On the last page of the setup wizard unset the checkbox Run BL Banking and click on Finish.
  3. From your defect installation copy the directory workspace into the new installation directory.
  4. Double-check if the shortcuts on your desktop and in the start menu point to the new or old directory.

See also FAQ 133.