Question 102:

How can I see the license number of a BL Banking installation?


There are three possibilities:

1) From version 1.10 choose the item About BL Banking in the Help menu. A window opens where you click the Installation Details button. Then you see a table with the license number and other information about the installation.

2) Prior to version 1.10 there is no such table. Then you choose the Configuration tab in the same window and scroll to the bottom, where you can find the 11-digit license number.

See also chapter General - General functions - Help.

3) If the program doesn't start, use the file manager to navigate into the program directory and from there to the subdirectory workspace\keys\<username>. There is a file with the extension .license, e.g. 1a2b3c4d5e6.license, where here 1a2b3c4d5e6 would be the license number. This method only works prior to version 1.10.

FAQ 101 describes how to find the program directory.